Learn how to kite
With our team in Langebaan


The Kiteboarding Collective is more than just another kiteboarding school. We are a collective of passionate individuals dedicated to providing you with more than just another holiday.

Boasting the best equipment, high quality instruction, customized day trips, airport and hotel transfer, as well as a variety of services tailored to suit your holiday.

With years of kiteboarding and hospitality management behind us, we have the experience and expertise to deliver excellence in all the services we provide.



We hope that people who love Adam will find comfort in visiting his legacy at KBC.

Whether you have a newly found love for the sport or are an avid or pro kite surfer.  His love for the sport lives on through the dedication of his family and friends who passionately pursue in their shared love for all things that stem from the ocean!

His dream & vision lives on through the Kite Boarding Collective as school & the Kite Base Camp that he passionately founded in 2018.

Boat, Kite and SUP Touring

We want to show you how beautiful our little town is, and what better way to do that than a tour of the lagoon. Whether you want to go via boat, kite or SUP, we’ve got them all.

Customized Day-Trips

If you’re looking for some kiting buddies, a couple downwinders or just an adventure to a different kite spot then we’re the place for you.

Coffee and a View

Situated in the Boatyard of The Farmhouse Hotel, our school has an unobstructed view of Sharkbay and the lagoon in all its’ glory. Grab a coffee and enjoy the view while we get to know each other and plan your stay.


Right across from our local spot Sharkbay lies a beautiful, flat getaway called Kraalbaai. The buttery, glassy water and summer sun make this a Wakeboarding dream spot. No wind? No problem.

Second Hand Gear

More often than not after you’ve learned how to kite, you want to get your hands on some great gear at a great price. At the end of every season all our gear goes on sale, if that’s a bit too far away for your stay then we’re happy to assist you in finding the gear best suited to your needs.

Hotel/Airport Transfer

We know it’s a mission to find a comfortable ride to and from your homebase – or even to your homebase in the first place! Luckily we have the wheels to get you and your family/kite gear to us.


Theory and FIrst Piloting

This is where we start. An introduction to kiteboarding as an extreme sport, theory on wind, the wind window, safety and set up as well as first piloting on a trainer kite. From hereon we discuss launching and landing, the self rescue and universal beach signals. We then conclude by teaching you how to fly a Leading Edge Inflated Kite.


Advanced piloting and Body Dragging

The next step. We proceed to teach you the dynamics of power, bar pressure and steering the kite through the wind window to generate enough power to propel you forward. This is followed by assisted and unassisted body drags without the board.


Upwind Body Dragging, Boardriding and Beyond

The Final Step. once your kite skills have been tuned in you’ll have a better understanding on how to get going, from here we teach you direction. How to get back to where you started by going upwind and finally, getting you up and riding.